PubSub Moderator Action doesn't use user-id's

According to the original topic here the endpoint returns usernames.With the ability to change usernames now live, shouldn’t that endpoint send user-id’s instead of usernames for both targeted user and moderator?

Sending only the username is troublesome because you cannot guarantee that a name still belongs to the account that actually was affected by the time an API lookup is made. This could leave you unable to identify the actual account used.

It would also be logical with the addition of API v5 and user-id tags in messages, since it would make identifying accounts more streamlined on all APIs and simpler to use if the username doesn’t matter.

@NeXtDracool Let me know if anything is missing still.

  1. When hosting a channel the “target_user_id” stays empty, will this be added?

  2. <strike>The fields "created_by_user_id" and "target_user_id" contain the id as strings instead of numbers.

Is it going to stay this way?

  1. There is a field “msg_id” that’s always present and contains just an empty string.
    Does it already have a purpose that should be implemented or is that coming in future?

IDs are moving to being provided as strings since they may actually a UUID in new products so anything that is still providing a number is either older or a bug.

Or an ID that can be bigger than a normal int is supposed to be. Twitter has good explanation as to why over here

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