Pubsub not sending events after subscribing

I’ve tried subscribing to whispers and video-playback (I know it isn’t supported) for multiple users under multiple tokens. The system sends the success response with the same nonce, but never sends the events that have been subscribed to. Trying to force the events by starting/stopping a stream and sending the subscribed user whispers, but receive nothing in the application.

Here’s as much information as I know to give:

Listen is sent immediately after successful connection.

Listen Message

“type”: “LISTEN”,
“nonce”: “7183c4a1-f19b-4786-aa55-1ce09444fcbc”,
“data”: {
“topics”: [ “whispers.118930881” ],
“auth_token”: “removed”
} }


“type”: “RESPONSE”,
“error”: “”,
“nonce”: “7183c4a1-f19b-4786-aa55-1ce09444fcbc”

Are you logging RAW packets sent by the server?

Are you ping/ponging?

If you are not ping/ponging you might have been disconnected from the server and you didn’t catch that?

Yes I send the heartbeat every 5 minutes, and the websocket stays connected the entire time.

Did you check the raw response, most of the responses are json wrapped in json and the inner json needs decoding after decoding the first json, and you might have a silent error?

Like so for logging everything the server sends to you?

                ws.on('message', function(raw_data, flags) {
                    fs.appendFileSync(__dirname + '/messages.log', raw_data);

There’s no message to log sir, as I keep saying, events aren’t sent to my client. Nothing except the listen response is sent. No event data.

Still waiting on an answer to this. I am 99% sure this is an issue on twitch’s side because I use the exact same websocket client for 3 other things with no issues.

All I can say is that mine works fine on whispers and the unsupported video-feed. Granted I only consume my whispers and have not tried grabbing more than one and not my whispers.

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