PubSub "Server Error"

After establishing a websocket connection to wss://, I send the following data to the server:

  "type": "LISTEN",
  "nonce": "abc123",
  "data": {
    "topics": ["channel-bits-events-v1.28640725"]

But I get the following response:

{"type":"RESPONSE","error":"Server Error","nonce":"abc123"}

I’ve tried this via both a Go websocket client and a JavaScript websocket in Chrome. The docs read:

OAuth token required to listen on some topics

but if it were required in this case, I would expect ERR_BADAUTH, rather than “Server Error”.

Code for reference:

const req = {
    type: "LISTEN",
    nonce: "abc123",
    data: {
        topics: ["channel-bits-events-v1.23161357"]

const ws = new WebSocket("wss://")

ws.addEventListener("open", (event) => {
    const data = JSON.stringify(req)
    console.log("send: " + data)

ws.addEventListener("message", (event) => {
    console.log("recv: " +


send: {"type":"LISTEN","nonce":"abc123","data":{"topics":["channel-bits-events-v1.23161357"]}}
recv: {"type":"RESPONSE","error":"Server Error","nonce":"abc123"}

Is the problem still persisting?

Server errors are usually temporary so full restart your service and see if it’s good now

My connection overnight has been stable. But I’ve not issued a restart because I’m still ping ponging fine

Just restarted my service and the issue persists.

I tried including my own auth_token in the request, and I instead receive an ERR_BADAUTH response (expected behavior). Upon changing the auth_token to one linked to the owner of the channel, there are no errors.

It seems like the Server Error response only happens when the auth_token field is omitted from the request. I don’t know about you, but I feel like this is a bit misleading, and the error message should be changed to ERR_BADAUTH (or possibly ERR_BADMESSAGE) on Twitch’s end.

So you were getting server error when you passed no oauth at all?

The documentation specifies only topics that require an oauth.

Yes I agree the error message is wrong, but there are no “unauthenticated” end points anyway.

@DallasNChains suggestion to add a better error message when no oauth provided in a LISTEN

I’m also experiencing this even with an auth_token.
Its just that the channel I’m listening to for bits actually does not have a bit cheers capability.
Does this error also pertain to that?

– Now everything is fine and working as expected…

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