PubSub 'Topics'


I was planning on using PubSub to get notifications for an iOS app I’ve been working on. And then I realized that the file is the only documentation because it’s the only topic available…

First of all, I strongly recommend you make a clear notice to anyone looking to invest time and effort into implementing PubSub that only the bits topic is currently available. I’d also think that using topics in your examples that no one is supposed to be using, and for which there is no documentation, is misleading.

Are there plans to expand PubSub to include any other topics than Bits? And if so is there a timeline?

We generally don’t speak to API timelines or plans.

Our documentation has always followed the practice of publicly documented is supported and undocumented is unsupported. There are a lot of APIs that folks knowingly rely on that are undocumented and unsupported (see chatters endpoint in TMI), and that is up to the individual dev to take on that risk.

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