Purple Screen (Preparing Stream)

I’m building a site that utilizes the Twitch embedded player. I’ve noticed that the majority of the time, for the first two minutes, a purple screen (known as the PSOD) shows up and says something to the order of “we are preparing your stream”. This is scaring away my traffic.

I’ve done some research on similar sites and have noticed others don’t seem to have this problem. One example would be raidpal. As I browse through that site, I never see that horrible purple screen. What am I missing? How do I avoid the PSOD?


There’s no avoiding the PSoD, it’s intended to be there as that would usually be when you’re seeing pre-roll ads but because ads are not supported in the Embed player you have to wait through that PSoD instead to prevent the Embed player being misused as a way to avoid ads.

It may just be a coincidence that the PSoD didn’t play while viewed on a site, or it may have been playing a channel that wouldn’t have ads displayed, which may impact if PSoD’s are displayed in Embeds.

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