Push message to live twitch

Hello guys!
I want to try to push the different messages to the live stream for the user.
To create smth like a different famous alert at the screen when someone donates for the streamer.
Could you help me with it providing the links where I can found describing of solution, or maybe algorithm?

The Extension JS helper has listen and send methods: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/reference/#javascript-helper

If you need to send messages from your back end (EBS), here are the docs on that: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/reference/#send-extension-pubsub-message

Great thanks!
I’ll investigate it and try to do smth with the new info!

That is assuming you are referring to a Twitch Extensions…

From your Original Post I have no idea to what you refer…

So, maybe you know how works different services like the donationalerts.ru (I’m sorry for the link, isn’t advertise, just for example)

So not extensions just alerts in general?

Donations/Tips depends on the service used. You’d have to refer to their documentation. Not the third party developer forums for Twitch.

(re)Subscribers and cheer

Either pubsub

Or TwitchIRC/Chat

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