Python Chatbot to recognize follows/donation/subs

I followed this guide to setup a custom chatbot on my pi. It’s very nice and simple for chat commands. But how do I recognize follows, subs, and donations? I’ve never worked with IRC before and the doc is too ambiguous for my skill level,

Follow notifications aren’t sent through chat, you’d have to either poll the Get Users Follows endpoint: or use a webhook subscription for that topic:

As for ‘donations’ the vast majority of streams don’t receive ‘donations’ they receive ‘tips’ (an important distinction for legal/tax reasons). Also, Twitch doesn’t offer that as a service so if you’d like to see what tips a streamer is receiving you’ll have to check the documentation for whatever service is used by the channel. If you mean Cheers though, that information is available through chat and you should check the documentation for whatever library you’re using as how to accomplish that depends on your library.

As for subs, it’s the same deal as Cheers, you’ll have to refer to the documentation of whatever library you’re using.

Thank you. I was not aware IRC is exclusively for chat. It does make sense and I guess it is what the “C” stands for. I’ll have a longer look in the API then.

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