Python Twitch bot help

I’ve been coding a twitch bot recently and have had some good progress, however lately have been running into some issues and have been able to fix most, not sure how good they are as I’m new to python. However, there is one error and I can’t seem to find the source or solution anywhere. After the second ping and response from me but, before the third, the connection seems to randomly be ceased as all I receive are blank bytes and they show roughly in the form of b’’. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations on what to try I’d love to hear it! Thanks in advance!
This is the code I’m working with as well!
Thanks again!

I see a bunch of errors and some stuff I did in the past when making my frist bot that I don’t recommend because it slows down the bot a whole bunch. Id recommend you follow this tutorial and start over then when you get everything working you can add-on stuff from the old one. :man_shrugging:t4:

I appreciate the response, what type of errors do you see? I’ve changed one thing and I have the bot working fine now. However if there is somethings simple I can update or change I wouldnt be opposed to. Main issue is I’m short on time for this project. Still want to learn from it though

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