Quality combobox isn't clickable

Hey guys. I have problem with embedded player. When I added player to my WebView I can’t access to quality of stream. Just have AUTO. If do the same in normal web browser, it is ok. JS is working. Can you help me with this issue ? I just don’t know what does option depend
Many thanks

WebView is probably using an integrated HLS player instead of using Flash or the in-dev html5. Quality options are not available for the native HLS players, at least in MS Edge and Safari.

thank you for your replay. I think, it’s just twitch policy. Quality option works in all standard browsers. And as I know - webView in UWP apps use the same engine as Microsoft Edge. I saw that still available API through usher.twitch… But as I know it’s deprecated API, already no documentations and I don’t want rebuild my app later. Maybe your know email for tech group who can comment this situation, because I don’t know what to do next. App without manual quality changing doesn’t have sense.

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