Question about assets and customization

Clearly very excited about extensions over here.

The app I have in mind is a basic drag and drop toy. It’d be great if streamers could use & upload their own assets to suit their brand or whatever game their playing.

Will users be able to upload/ add their own assets to extensions? Or will that all be hard coded in once the extension has shipped?

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Looks like you can load images that are not hosted by the Twitch CDN.

By default, all assets must be loaded from the Twitch CDN, except the following:

  • You can connect to any HTTPS or WSS endpoint (i.e., for purposes of an XHR).
  • Images can be loaded from anywhere or via a data URI.
  • Google fonts are allowed as valid sources for fonts and stylesheets.



Citation: I have a published/released/live extension that loads images from not Twitch.

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Good to know. Do streamers have any control over these assets? Can they upload/ add their own?
My hunch is that if this is possible it will require back end implementation.

For me the assets/images are uploaded to the same place i serve my server side part of the extension. The extension offers the same functionalality as the website. So both website and extension uses the same assets

It’s a currency store. Now users don’t have to go offsite to use the store. It’s all embedded below the stream. But they still can leave twitch to use the store.