Question about ClientID

I developed last year a PHP script for a CMS I support and have been out for a couple of months due to medical issues. I came back and found that the API now required a clientID to be used. Now, this is a public script that I made available and was wondering, Do each person that downloads this block and puts it on their site, need to register their own client ID?

All this is, is a simple block to show if the person is live or offline, and if they are live, show how many people are watching, how many followers, game, ect… I just wasn’t sure if I supply them with the clientID I got or have them get their own. For now, I have been having them get their own, but I wanted to confirm if that is right or not.

They way you are currently doing it is not the intended one. The developer is supposed to provide the client ID. Client IDs are (semi) public, which means you can and should include them in your code. I wrote semi public because you are not supposed to post them on forums and such to prevent people from just blindly copying your ID and thus misusing it, but including it in source code of your site or program is completly fine.

If the intended use of your code/library is to be included in another developer’s library and not as a standalone project then the other developer should use his ID and not yours though.

@Hajaku is correct. You should supply your developer client ID with your application. Each user should not have to supply their own client ID to use your application.

Thanks for the clarification. I went searching and found nothing on it. I figured a client_id would be more private, but I guess its more of a application id then anything. Thanks again.

The alternative here is that your CMS PHP Script makes calls back to YOUR server which proxies the request to Twitch, if you don’t want YOUR clientID to go out to the world.

But there is no problem with it going out to the world.

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