Question about "Followers" on Twitch accounts

Im sure this has either been done or asked about before, but what would happen if someone just made lots of twitch accounts to make it look like they have a lot of followers?

I know concurrent viewers is a main statline with Twitch, so having lots of followers would be meaningless as far as concurrent viewers go, but the channel appearing to be popular could theoretically draw in viewers.

I see all these channels with the streamer having 12k+ followers, but every time I view their stream they never have more than 30-40 viewers at any given time. If 12 THOUSAND people liked your stream enough to “Follow” you, you’d think you would have more than 30-40 viewers. Thats a very low percentage of viewers. So, if those numbers stay true, you’d need around 36 thousand followers just to maintain 100 concurrent viewers?

Can someone shed some light on this for me?

IIRC, other times this has happened usually the accounts that were used to follow a specific user just get deleted and removed from the users follower list. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone has botted followers, especially with tools like SocialBlade. Pretty sure the admins have their own tools to automatically detect and flag this type of activity though.

The follow count only shows on the profile/viewing page so as a metric it means very little to joe public.

All a false viewer count can lead to is a HUGE amount of viewer turn over, people popping in for less than a minute as the show sucks.

Followers mean very little, and Twitch itself does nerf inactive accounts time to time. [citation needed]

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