Question about linking to online stores other than Amazon

I’m not sure how strict the content guidelines for commerce are and how they apply in this situation so I decided I’d ask here.

A lot of streamers in the Creative category use online platforms like Etsy or Redbubble to sell their artwork. Would it be ok to make an extension that lists items from their store using that respective platform’s API in a panel or would it be against the content policy under the Commerce section that states “Extensions may not transact or encourage the transacting of monetary exchange in relation to any non-Twitch/Amazon commerce instruments”?

Such an Extension would likely be declined. Please let me caveat this with this is not definitive, as it would depend on the implementation, but I cannot think of a simple suggestion that would be accepted.

The best suggestion I can make today (which is not all that good), would be leverage the Amazon Gear extension, for Amazon saleable items, and have items for sale through Amazon.

Extension monetisation is something that is happening. This space is likely to evolve quite quickly, so hopefully more information will be available in the near future.

To be honest this is pretty much the exact response I expected, I was just hoping there is some room for leniency since the platforms I listed don’t really compete with Amazon and the extensions I want to make would be of huge benefit to creative streamers.

I do understand why those rules are in place but hopefully future changes will allow creators some way of using extensions to easily promote sales of their artwork.

These needs are not falling on deaf ears!

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