Question about OAuth Access for the new Helix API


today I started programming with the Twitch API and thankfully I saw, that Kraken gets outdated in the end of this year and that developers should use the new Helix Version.

I worked a bit with Kraken, was able to get access to and find the values that I need from the API, but now with Helix, I neither get access nor can I find the data I want to use.

For Authorization, I used OAuth Implicit Code Flow and in the Helix Documentation it states, that this is still working now. But when I use the OAuth Token I get via.<<clientId>&redirect_uri=http://localhost&response_type=token, it says it is not valid. Do I really have to “manipulate” the request header? And why kraken, when it’ll get removed “soon”?

Another little question would be where to update the user game or title? I just found how to change the description of a user.
In the V5-API, it was shown:
What value for Accept would be necessary to make it work? (I guess the Authorize Value is Authorization: Bearer <access token>.)

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Helix uses the same types of tokens as Kraken, so they just reused the same endpoint.

As of now, only the description can be updated via Helix.

With helix, you no longer need to set Accept headers. All you have to do is attach the necessary tokens/client-id’s and make the request like normal.

So the new API isn’t complete, yet? Why was the API released then when it might change a lot until it’s complete?

I did that for now even it is kinda inconvenient (sending a simple request over the Browser is easier). Really not possible in the old way?

As far as I know, the goal is to add to the API, but not change what’s once been added.

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