Question about setting up an overlay extension to test


Completely new to this extension stuff so I figured I’d ask to make sure my process is correct in trying to test out an overlay. Just trying to get text in an html file to show up over the channel video.

  1. Went through developer onboarding, everything checks out.
  2. Set up a localhost server using xampp on port 8012 (was using default port for something else), and can see local html files at localhost:8012/test.html
  3. On developer extension dashboard I set the asset hosting URI to the appropriate port and viewer.html as the viewer path
  4. Set up a different twitch ID I have as a testing account so I could go online with it to test
  5. On developer extension dashboard, under Version Status I click “View on Twitch and Install” which takes me to the channel I have logged in (the local testing account) where I can install the extension
  6. Install and make sure the extension is activated.
  7. View channel

With just a simple HTML file for viewer.html with some text like “Hello World” in the body, shouldn’t I see that text show up over the channel while streaming? Or am I missing some major step?

I’m not a web coder at all, so I just basically tried throwing this all together to get something visible tonight, but not having any luck. Thanks for any help, insight, or pointing me in a direction where I can learn more about this!

Did you setup an SSL certificate? Twitch Extensions (when live) need to be served over SSL, there are ways around it when Testing, but just go SSL from the start.

You may want to use a service like to SSL terminate for you (and deal with firewall fun)

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Just wanted to quickly reply that I had not set up the SSL certificate. I am looking in to that process currently and will write back my results once I’ve figured out how to properly do that :slight_smile:


Despite having to battle my own ineptitude on SSL certificates, I did manage to get everything working in the local test! Thank you for pointing out that I had missed that step.


Hurrah! Glad to have helped!