Question about Streaming

Not sure where to post this, but just a basic question!

I started streaming I got 120 MBPS upload and was wondering if it is normal for my stream to be 20 seconds behind? example, if I shoot something, that action won’t take place on the stream til 20 seconds later. Is there a way to improve this to be a shorter delay?



Speeds irrelevant here, the problem is the math involved to transcode the video

Doesn’t the low latency option on Twitch improve the delay in most cases?

Normal latency: Best for highest video quality, highest resolution, and to reduce video buffering
Low latency: Best for near real-time interactions with viewers

Yes and no. And since the user gave up and posted here, they will have already explored the options available on the dashboard.

Either way not really a question for this forum.

Not is this a insights related issue/query.

For more help try the Twitch reddit for advice on OBS/XSplit settings. Which can have a difference but if you are watching your own stream then you’ll get poor results if you are timing.