Question about Subscription notifications

Hey there,

Like a lot of other people, i am “parsing” subs from the IRC messages about (re)subscriptions and i am wondering one thing and hope somebody has there answer for me:

If i have automatic resubscription enabled, and am “not there” for months, what happens in those months? Will the Resubs be announced automatically?

Also, if that is not the case, what happens when i come back? Can i send multiple Announcements or just one?


Previously your ability to send a resub notification would expire after 15(?) days so you can’t have multiple queued up at a time. I don’t think this behavior has changed.

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Okay thats good to hear. So if i have automated Resubscriptions enabled, and do not announce it in a month (lets say 3rd month in a row) the next time i announce it it would instead say 4 months in a row? Or does the Counter reset completely since i did not announce it, eventhough it did resub?

After your payment clears for the 4th month you’ll have the option to announce it as such. It doesn’t matter whether or not you announced for the previous months as the streak continues as long as the subscription does.

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Lovely, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

While we’re at it, can we ever expect to get a “resubscription date” / updated_at field added to the subscribers api endpoint? It has been asked for a lot for a year now and we never got a reply as to why it cannot be added since the data clearly is there. It would solve a lot of inconsitencies and help out a lot of devs out there.

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