Question about the review from twitch

i sent the firs version from my extention to twitch for the review. I already host a website (urlshortener, linkpage and some other services) with an existing backend and api. I would like to include my extension there as well. could this be a problem? For the configuration the brodcaster just need a free account.

greetings Andy

btw is it possible keep working on the next version while the current is on review ?

yes, you can have as many versions as you want in any state

Except for review and released which can only have one in that state each

Why not login with Twitch, since you need to login with Twitch to get their ID to talk to the right channel.

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This is a great idea :slight_smile: so basicly it worked like this:

  • The user clicks on the login with twitch button
  • he gets redirected to the oauth api
  • after the authentifcation the account gets with the recived data automaticly created.
  • send a password for the first login into the backend.

ok i got it done. Was a bit work but in the end it should be fine :slight_smile: So it works like this

so only accounts with equal mail and channel ID can login and only when no account is assigned to the channel ID and the mail dont exist can register. Every else must use manual login.

btw on which mail is the testing team sending the mail if i have to change stuff? because i dont recived anything yet. Its also longer then 72 hours ago i put my extension into the review state.

3-5 working days (saturday is not a working day) or anything up to 11

Whatever you put in “Author Email”

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so whats the flow then. They message me what i have to fix in my extension and i need to put it into review again or do i mail them back when the stuff is changed ?

Refer to instructions in the email if/when you get an email

oky :slight_smile: i hope i can send them a mail when the stuff is changed so my extension could be released before the summer break will start.

Do i have to be live when they want to test the extension? Its only a panel extension? Because its the 5 working day on pending

Right now i feel frustrated after all this testing periods. I was sent my extension to review twice. After the second time today i recived a mail where the reviewer says my channel was not live and this is true. But its because my channel was also not live during the first review and there is also written that my channel dont need to be live if i have only an panel extension which is working when the channel is offline.

Panel-only Extensions also do not require a continuously live review channel. If your Extension requires a specific game environment or backend service to be live for it to function, please provide your availability for review times within 9AM - 5PM PT in the Walkthrough Guide and Change Log.

Im so frustrated right now. I put many effort and work into it to release the extension before twitch is starting the summer holydays. I live in germany i was every day waiting untill 2 AM if they have questions and now this. Twitch should releay rework the review process. I mean should i let my pc run 4 days for 8 hours without doing nothing? I even was responding that i put my channel live so he can do the review

It all depends the context of the extension. If it interacts with the stream, even a panel will need the stream up. And for mine, yes I leave my computer broadcasting and running 24/7 until the review is complete.

yes but in the first review it was possible without been online and in the second review it get cancled because of this. I even was writting a mail that i put the channel live 2 minutes later and dosent get any response yet.

Waiting for multiple days for a review, only to encounter a minor issue that requires additional waiting, especially with the summer break coming up, is disheartening. I believe there could be room for improvement in the review process to avoid such delays and miscommunications

is twitch today back from the break or tomorrow?