Question about ttvnw API concerning Twitch API v5


I can’t find information about this, but will the API of be changed too or deactivated when Twitch API v3 goes offline? If so, which changes do I need to make to getting the m3u8 data for a specific channel name? Will channel name query still work in the future without userIDs for these two api calls:” + channelName + “/access_token?client_id=” + CLIENTID” + channelName + “.m3u8?token=” + token + “&sig=” + sig + “&allow_source=true&allow_spectre=true” ?

Will these APIs still co-exist to kraken API or will they be deactivated/changed?

Only API’s that start are officially supported.

Anything else is subject to change at any time and Twitch reserves the right to do so, as third party developers should only use API endpoints that start

So basically don’t expect an answer about an API that isn’t supported by Twitch

Then let me ask differently, does the “official API” support or has endpoints for the above informations? How or where would I else get the video information for a channel from?

That feature does not exist for 3rd party use. The only supported way to access live or recorded content is via the provided embed players.

And how do players then get the video playlists from? For example Windows 8/10 store apps? They’re mostly illegal then?

They are violating the terms of service.

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