Question regarding "", what does a code of 200 mean?

Normally it would mean everything worked, but the page on this endpoint states that it will return a 204 code if it was successful, and my efforts are returning a 200 code - which is not defined by the page. So what does 200 mean in this case? Any idea why it might not be returning a 204? I am successfully getting an Oauth access token already, and I have channel:manage:moderators in my scope. All I want to do is add and remove Moderator status. VIP status will be next but I expect its going to be a similar model or problem. I am working in PHP by the way.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Are you on about getting moderators or add/remove moderators

200 = OK got data
204 = action occured no body data

200 is documented on Get Moderators
204 is documented on Add/Remove modrators

So I’m not sure which endpoint you refer to as you omitted a HTTP Verb from your query.

It sounds like there is a fault in your PHP code and your Got the list of moderators instead of addinr/remove a mod

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