Question regarding Moderators access

Hey there!

So quick question, Is it possible for a Broadcaster to permit one of his mod to Mod/Unmod other users? Or is that a ‘‘Broadcaster only’’ command?

PS: If its possible, could you tell me where this option is located ;_;


The broadcaster could run a bot with a trigger command that can perform the mod command, allow only that one user.

Or you could do something I’d find slightly crazy, like broadcaster can make a web interface (php works) that uses the chat oauth token(of the broadcaster) to socket (using php) to the chat and perform the command as the broadcaster. This method would require more work of course, like a twitch auth to verify who the user is logging into this interface to make sure it’s secure.

Thanks for the answer!

Im much more interested in the Bot thing than the PHP lol.

Any ideas which bot would support that? (Im currently using Nightbot and I doubt it has that option from what I’ve seen / know)

Any basic twitch bot that accepts custom trigger commands would work fine.

Remember that the bot would have run under the broadcaster account to be able to mod people, so you would have to run the bot yourself. A simple way would be a mIRC script or something.

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