Question Regarding Scanning Other Chats


I work on an open source bot platform and folks have started to ask about logging into other channels to scan for users and messages. My understanding, and doing some digging, is that even if you own the bot account, that you are not supposed to log any automated service [bot] into a chat without the permission of the broadcaster. Is that true? Before I go and look at adding a feature, I try to ensure that I stay within the Twitch guidelines and appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance!

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You shouldn’t put your bot in another channel without permission of the channel owner

Further more sounds like you are logging users elsewhere with the intention of banning them in your home channel, and that’s shadow banning and a hell of a grey area.

I am not actually, but, after another bot added a feature that does log in to other channels and scans to see if users are present and enter a message, I have had a feature request to do so. This is why I prefer to ask before implementing.

So, if you are telling me to not go and log into another channel to see if users from the original broadcasters channel are there, I will ignore this feature request.


Yes, that is frowned upon.

Now a logical loop hole here, is if you were building something for a Twitch Team, and you’d then have a Twitch Team wide bot.

The change is to go and check for raiders in a channel and if they are active in the other channel. However, since you have indicated that is frowned upon, it is something that I will not look into. I do see other bots doing it, but I also see other bots that (seem to) violate various terms of services of products, and I do my best to try to not violate any terms of service (although, I am sure at some point I have on accident!). That is why I came here to ask first before making such a change.

I see what you mean for a Twitch Team or if you have a group of folks that you always go and host so that would make sense, but, I think there is a good chance that it would be used in any channel.


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