[Question/Request]: Chat tier between follower and sub

I was looking into modifying a chat bot to handle chat user-whitelist management but I don’t think we have custom chat tiers other than subs and mods. Going through the Github API stuff and what you can do with regards to restricting chat to groups of users, I’m not sure if this is an simply implementable idea:

  • A custom chat restriction where people can talk if they’re on a whitelist, otherwise people are on slow or maybe even blocked. For now I’ll label it as “community mode”, and the whitelist should be sourced externally. e.g. The user connects a community/forum account to their Twitch account, it’s verified on the bot’s database, now you can chat in community mode.

I’m thinking this could support streamers develop communities while deterring trolls when things get out of hand. Say “streamer1” has a forum and that’s active: this user subset is way more inclusive than the set of subs+mods. I think this would be pretty useful, but possibly/likely nontrivial to implement?

Basically, customizable chat tier between followers and subs: verified community members. We know Twitch is one of many avenues of community engagement for streamers between Youtube VODs, their own community forums, Vessel, the list will only grow. The streamer can decide how to approve people onto this list, or to use it at all. Do you guys think this is out of scope as a Twitch chat feature?

All bots that I’ve encountered up to now manage such a whitelist themselves and store the whitelisted users in their own database.

That’s excellent, thanks!

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