Questions on stream view counts

Are developers able to retroactively access the total number of viewers that watched a stream when it was live?

I am aware that you can access live viewer counts while the stream itself is live, but is it possible to access that information after the stream has already ended? As far as I know, after the stream ends it goes up as a video which has its own separate view count.

For example:
The championship match for Super Smash Bros had more than 650 viewers, but the video itself has 650ish views. Through the channels API( I can get the number of views on posted videos. However, I want to be able to know how many viewers watched that game live, not how many people clicked the video after the event had already ended.

Does Twitch store that info, and if they do, can developers access it through the twitch API?



It’s buried in the dashboard analytics but that is not exposed anywhere.

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