Quickest Follower Notification?

I noticed some bots seem to know when there is a new follower fairly quickly, much quicker than it seems the API updates. Is there some other way of detecting new followers immediately?

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No, the API updates around once a minute and there isn’t any faster source.

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To expand.

What the bots do is they get a page of new people from the API, and spread it over a minute or so.

So it LOOKS like it’s immediate but it’s not

what do you mean by spreading it over a minute?

You load the followers API.

You get say 15 new followers.

60 seconds divided by 15 is 4 seconds.

You show a new Follower from the afore mentioned batch every 4 seconds

At the end of 60 seconds, you get a new page of followers and repeat

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I was always under the impression that follower alert things were just build on a queue and a X second delay between each new follower?

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