Rainbow Six Siege Extensions

Hey guys i had this idea. Im a small streamer and I mainly play Rainbow Six Siege. So I had this idea to get an extension created so that chat could write a command like “!operator” and then the extension would compile the data and then select the operator in the game. So in total this extension would allow chat to decide what operator the streamer plays would create interesting scenarios.

If you were using an extension you wouldn’t need a chat command…

Chat commands would work for compiling the result into a poll via chat spam.

With an extension this would either render over the video as a poll ,or in a panel below the stream as a poll. The panel would probably work better as it has better mobile support.

In the interim you can use any poll extension that already exists. But it could be optimised to do a R6 specific poll (using relevant imagery). I can stick it on my maybe todo list, but it’s gonna stack behind paid work