Rate Limiting Concerns

My bot runs as a desktop application with thousands of users. Anywhere from 300-700 users online at any time. I send my client-id with everyone’s request.

I have a few questions regarding rate limiting. I know there isn’t a hard limit but I want to make sure I am using good practice.

My first concern involves followers. I would like my users to keep an up-to-date list of all their followers. Would it be to much to poll all their followers each time they go live if I use the cursor?
Also how often can I poll the API for new followers, remember this is per user.

My second question is, how often can my users poll for channel status?

I guess I just really want to make sure I am doing the right thing by allowing users to use my client id to make request from their bots.

Our general guidance is around 1 request/second. Really, you shouldn’t have any issues if you’re caching responses and being cautious about cooldown times between requests. There are folks here that hit the API a lot and never have issues with rate limiting.

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