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I have just purchased a new domian name that better reflects my business. I have set up a forward to my Twitch page but when I type in the new name Firefox reports.

Firefox Can’t Open This Page

To protect your security, will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window.

Learn more…

Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites

Does anyone have a solution to this so my clients can simply type in my new domain name and get striaght to my Twitch page?



Depends how you setup the “forward”

This would suggest you did and iFrame not a forward/redirect

Thanks for responding Barry however I am completely new to this and do not know what iFrame is. I simply set up a forward on the Go Daddy domain page forwarding the new name to my Twitch stream. As you can see above Twitch refuses to display the page.

Then you’ll probably need help from Godaddy.

This isn’t a “Twitch” problem, you’d likely get the same error from any website you tried to redirect to, since godaddy is “doing it wrong”, so you’ll need help/advice from them. Not Twitch.

Hi Barry.

It seems we are in the classic loop situation. Go Daddy say the forward is correct and the problem is with Twitch and I should go there for help.

Here is my Twitch page.
and here is my new domian name

Here is a cut and paste from my Go Daddy domain forwarding page.



Forward To


Forward Type

Permanent (301)

Temporary (302)

Forward with masking

Does that provide any help with what’s going on?


And it doesn’t work at all over non SSL

Yes Im seeing that as well.

Is there a solution to the issue?

Yeah, ask godaddy.

You are using them for hosting/this redirect.
So SSL is provided by them, not Twitch.

Again this isn’t a Twitch problem.

if it’s not working in Firefox, it’s Godaddy that will advice the fix as the problem will exist for any site.

This suggests that a iFrame was used.

Thanks Barry

I’ll go back to them for their thoughts.



Hi Barry

It’s sorted. I had to select Forward only not Forward with masking.

Live and learn.



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