Re-payment notification for subs


Currently when pulling subscriptions from kraken, it works perfectly for new subs indicating all the information needed.
However, currently there is no way to detect an auto re-sub as the info is not changed at all.

As such would like to request three items.

  1. Add a last payment date tag in the subscriptions return to indicate when was the last payment made (updating when an auto re-sub is triggered)
  2. Allow for a query which sorts descending with last payment date to ensure re-subs are at the top of the list at point of resub. This ensures that we do not have to pull the full list each time and can simply pull the last few entries after the initial full request.
  3. Add resub notifications to twitchnotify broadcast as well.

This is a much requested feature for most of my partnered users and due to this limitation I am unable to offer any re-sub notification unless subscribers let their subscription expire and then manually subscribe again.

All my users and I would love if this could be provided!


This feature would definitely be awesome for those of us who rely on sub information for our bots. +1

+1 … please do it. Loyal users are the most important. So it would be awesome if you can optional enable a resub-notification. For channels with 3k subs it needs to be optinal.

+1 Would love a resub notification through an API from Twitch

I think this would be really useful, please!

+1, I’d also love to add this as part of a streamer dashboard so they can have a general expectation on when subs will run out so they know what to expect when it comes to a paycheck.

Would be really useful. +1 Cheers!

Well, All the streamers that I know do it, have a personal program that tell them about re-sub. We can try do something if you want!

yes please, need this too.

Looks like they are starting to implement it. Just saw a message in chat “XXX just subscribed! 2 months in a row!”

Yeah, but I think (was?) a bug where it showed that someone subbed, while in fact they had subbed earlier and just now joined the stream. No idea if that’s a bug or a feature to track offline subs.

Pretty sure its a bug because it both times says that he just subscribed.

Just got a Mail from Twitch that this is now an official feature for the chat, its still not added for the API though.

Yeah - No love on the API front :frowning:
Would be really helpful and most likely already available information since the new site feature is pulling this information from somewhere!

Any updates on this? Would be an incredibly useful addition to the API.

Sadly not, no :confused: Thinking about it it literally should be just one or two lines of code sinde the data is already there …

It’s not always that simple with sites as large as Twitch. But I do think the API doesn’t get enough love these days.

+1 this! <3 Looking forward to what the API can be extended.

+1 Want this badly for Deepbot

I’m going to throw it out there that this probably isn’t an easy thing for Twitch to give us via the API. AFAIK the re-sub notification is not really a re-sub, but just a chat feature that allows a user to “show off” how long they have been subscribed to a channel.