Re-Sub - Wrong timestamps

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We still don’t have a parameter ‘changed_at’ or ‘updated_at’ for re-subscriptions.
If a sub cancels his plan and re-subs again in a 30 day period the sub streak continues the same for alerts in chat (now via USERNOTICE) but the ‘created_at’ field in the API changes to the re-sub time which makes sense but now we have 2 different values for the time. In chat we can see that the user has been a sub for example, 12 months, but according to the API the user has only been a sub for example, 5 months.

In chat:

In the API

In my head the ‘created_at’ field should stay the same even if the user cancels the subscription but it’s still in the 30 day period and there should be an ‘updated_at’ field that would only be available if the user re-subbed in that 30 day period after canceling the subscription. (The ‘updated_at’ field would state the time of the re-subscription)

Are there any plans on adding that new parameter so developers can keep track of the time a user has been subscribed without having to store this info periodically? This way we could keep using the ‘created_at’ field. @xangold @DallasNChains :wink:

ps: This happens in both endpoints: and

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The subscription streak is X months, but this specific subscription was started on created_at. I would like to see the consecutive months amount in the API though.


I’ve also noticed that the ‘streak amount’ and the created_at parameter are mismatched after a short lapse or even just a payment method change. I agree that some sort of streak_created_at or at the bare minimum a streak_length parameter(s) would be of use to many people without having to maintain our own database for such things. Unless I’m missing an endpoint that shares a users streak length somewhere else?

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