Reading banned and timed-out users through extension


There’s a new requirement in policy:

7.5 Extensions must prevent users who have been banned or timed out from using chat in a channel from submitting or publishing user content through an Extension…

My questions are:

  1. How can I tell if a user has been banned or timed out?
  2. There’s an API to know about ban list, and it requires moderation oauth. Is there another way?

I currently have 17,701 uniquely active channels with my extension. And I just received an email that I have 10 days to release a new version that complies with the new policies 7.x before my extension is taken offline.

Please assist!

Thank you!

Real time lookup on the Banned Users API

Only the Get Banned users API with the scope

I have a request/suggestion open here to make it “easier”