Reading Broadcasters Local Files?

I’m trying to work out the logistics of an extension that reads local files on the broadcaster’s machine. Doing some checks to see if it is possible/permitted behaviour of an extension. The plan would be:

1.Broadcaster enters their .config, selects folder on their machine which will be read by the extension.

  1. A game is played. (it generates a .txt file in this folder upon completion)

  2. the extension displays on screen the most recently created .txt filename in this folder. (will eventually display more)

My main concern is if a broadcaster would be able to share his local files, otherwise I assume I will have to find a way to host that folder online and update from there.
Appreciate any help

The broadcaster would have to run a local program which would check for and collect the contents of the file(s) you wish to read to your EBS.

Which is what my accepted/released/published Twitch Extension does…

Broadcasters download a piece of software (that I custom wrote) which reads a folder for file(s) and sends those file contents to my EBS.

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Thanks, cleared up a lot.