Real message rate limit

Hello everyone,

I would like a clarification about the message rate limit.

Here we can read :
“20 per 30 seconds” which seems to be the topmost limit, but not the only one. As soon as I try to send more than 1 message per second, my messages are dropped. This limits also changes if I’m a moderator.
I could not find chere this is documented, did I miss it ?

Thanks in advance

Your messages shouldn’t just be dropped if you’re sending more than once per second (although over a period of time that will exceed the lowest rate limit for non-mods/broadcasters). If you were to break the rate limit you would receive a short ban and not be able to send anything. What is possible is that if you try to send messages too frequently there may be anti-spam measures that prevent some messages, and the exact nature of what anti-spam measures Twitch have in place isn’t disclosed.

As for the rate limit as a moderator, that is documented where you linked.
100 per 30 seconds Users sending commands or messages to channels in which they are the broadcaster or have Moderator status

Keep in mind though that the limit is global, so you could send 21 messages in 30 seconds in a channel where you’re a moderator without issue, but a single message in a channel you’re not a mod would put you at 22 messages which is beyond the rate limit for normal users so would result in a temporary ban.

I can confirm that my messages are just dropped if more frequent than 1 every second.

Regarding the limit, I need to check but I used to register my bot as such few years ago, I imagine that it’s still flagged, so I should fall in the 7500 limit.

Well if your messages are being dropped it’s likely either an issue with your code, or you’re sending messages that that may be prevented due to Twitch’s anti-spam systems or a channels moderation policy (such as auto-mod blocking what you’re bot may be doing) as even Verified Bots still are subject to any filtering/spam-prevention on Twitch’s end.

There’s not much anyone her can help with, my advice would be to slow down how often your bot sends messages because more than once per second is very fast.

I know for sure that the messages are emitted, and it might have to do with some anti-spam. I’m sending dummy messages, which almost all looks like the same.

I will just check the rate limit and bot verification, I just found that the system has changed this summer, so I might need to recheck everything.

Thanks for your replies

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