Realizing a bot that generates more than 800 calls/min

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I might need a hint how to realize a bot, that is able to make more than 800 calls/min. Does twitch want me to register multiple apps in order to have sufficient app tokens, or is there any other way I am missing?

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No thats against the Developer TOS

What are you calling that you think will exceed the API limits?

Thanks for the clarification.

I want to be able to monitor statistics for multiple streamers. I figured there must be a ways since e.g. twitch insights does that, too. What am I missing?

Nothing that I’m aware of.

These sites fit within the rate limits.

What sort of statistics?

Keep in mind that the API uses caching, so the fastest you should poll the same data is once per minute, and most analytics sites use intervals of 5 minutes or greater.

Polling the Get Streams endpoint,100 streams at a time, will allow you to get most streams even at peak time within 5 minutes, and the delay due to pagination requiring you getting a response before making a subsequent request means you will most likely not hit the rate limit from that alone.

Or if you have a specific set of streams you need data for, you can poll 100 streams at a time for a total of 400,000 channels every 5 minutes.

Additionally due to the nature of pagination with the Get Streams endpoint the results will be significantly inaccurate as the viewership becomes lower, so many analytics sties often limit their tracking to streams over x amount of viewers, such as 10, or 100, depending on the needs of the site, which further reduces how much polling you have to do.

Okay, so statistics sites operate within these limits? I actually expected them to be more accurate and able to get data more frequently via multiple tokens. I did read about token management but nobody was specific how it is done or what token management means.

What about user tokens, as far as I understand the documentation user tokens also have 800 calls/min. Is there any limit to users I am allowed to register for this purpose? And if not, why is there a limit on app tokens I can register?

No thats not how if works.

if bob’s token gets 500 viewers for freds stream
Then an app access token will also get 500 viewers for freds stream

Using multiple tokens will not help you get more accurate data.

As the caching is server side, not client side.

but that means that the dev has 1000 tokens/min, correct?


What do you mean 1000 tokens a minute?

Sorry I misread. I did read “tokens” instead of “viewers”.
I do understand, that asking again does not give me a different answer. However I am able to watch more streams simultaneously with more tokens.

I think Dist already covered this relevantly

Not really since due to the cache time using multiple tokens to get around the 800 limit doesn’t mean you can get the data more quickly due to the cache.

And delibertly using multiple tokens to get around the limits can result in sactions as it may be a violation of the developer agreement

okay, let’s say I want to have relevant data of all streams every 3 hours. How can I realize this without additional tokens? (Just a fictional scale)

If my math is correct I can do a lot with 3 tokens, but I do not find any information that using bot accounts would be prohibited. So for me the part where this is regulated is not clear…

Dist already told you.

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