Receive chat message via IRC down?

Hello, i have a irc chatbot to read chat messages and after to animate in webpage. My app worked for the past 2 months but since friday i can’t even log in : NOTICE * :Login authentication failed
Do i juste have to wait the end of the “Reviews for Extensions” or do i have to create a new chatbot with new token ?
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The Authentication docs,, explain the various types of OAuth token and how to get them. You’ll need to get a new token each time the one you’re using expires.

The pause on Extension reviews does not impact this at all.

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This soulds like you used an implict grant token

Which lasts around 60 days aka 2 months.

I generally use a code flow token, which generate a token and a refresh token.
And my bot will refresh at (re)connect to chat. (and periodically if I need that token to be alive during a connection)

See also the validate endpoint Validating Tokens | Twitch Developers for checking if your token is valid.

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