Receiving webhook With DATA when streamer goes LIVE

I wan’t to get data when a spesific user goes live (like a notification). I did get the data with the get method but I wan’t to get the data automaticly and once when the streamer goes live. Can anyone help me with that?

I did thought about making a loop and checking if streamer is live but that would be sending the notification again and again while the streamer is live and would be hard for my server to handle that…

So I need something that will send me information only once and when streamer goes live.

I don’t wan’t code I just wan’t a way to do that.

No one knows?

You posted in the middle of the night/early morning on a Saturday. Gotta give people time to respond! 3 Hours isn’t worthy of a bump.

You either want to long poll the Streams API and work it out yourself. (If was live and now is still live you don’t notify

Or use EventSub, where Twitch will use a Webhook to tell you when a Stream goes live/offline/changes title

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