Reconnecting Chat issues

I keep constantly getting Reconnecting to Chat on Twitch whenever I watch streams or whenever I stream and it interrupts the flow of the chat of new messages coming it, and I’m having to constantly refresh the page. More so annoying when I’m streaming and the chat is constantly being spammed with same messages of;

Welcome to the chat room!

repeated over and over every few minutes or so, despite no interruptions of watching the streams or while streaming, got no buffering issues when I watch videos which connect fine, but the chat is constantly reconnecting. The Twitch Chat shouldn’t be constantly having to reconnect like this, it should be low latency and shouldn’t require a lot of bandwidth to even be connected at all, at the most 50Kbps should be plentiful for the chat to stay connected, and shouldn’t need to constantly spam messages into chat. So it can’t be an issue with my Internet connection cuz I have about 37.28 Mbps Down and 28.34 Mbps Up.

That is indicative of a problem your side.

Either antivirus or browser script blocking or something else is interrupting your established connection. It could even be an issue with your router or ISP.

Your speeds is irrelevant to maintaining a stable connection over a socket to a server.

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You say it like it’s not relevant, but it is. Connection stream is solid smooth.

Rather indicative that it’s a Twitch API server side issue.

I’ve already ruled that out as a possibility, but there are no antivirus or script blocking something. But when I’ve got a consistent stream playing the video streams I’m watching don’t even get interrupted with buffering, it’s always the chat thats getting interruptions. Because it seems apparent that the chat stream is needing more bandwidth than it is necessarily required to be stay connected.

Barry is quite correct, upload/download bandwidth has very little to do with connection establishment and stability when you consider that a chat connection is literally just a few KB/s, if that.

You could have the fastest connection in the world, but if there is a tiny amount of packet loss that can still cause a connection to drop.

No, it’s not indicative of a Twitch issue when the entirety of Twitch is not having the issue you are describing.

You also fail to understand that you can’t just compare stream performance to chat like that. You could be having momentary drops on the stream too, but guess what, that’s what the buffer is for, to let the video continue playing without interruption despite such issues as long as they are minimal.

From how you’ve described your issue so far, it sounds like either an issue with your browser, or an issue with your internet connection.

@Dist @BarryCarlyon i can confirm it’s also happening for me. It’s twitch chat servers issue (or ws connection on browser side). But we cannot do something with that, and i guess twitch dev’s will not pay attention to it.

Also couple of my friends (from different cityes and different ISPs) have same.

If there are multiple users then that may mean it’s something on Twitch’s end, but the vast number of users without issue still doesn’t rule out it being a transit issue, or an issue on your side with things you’re running, somewhere that’s causing a connection drop.

It’s hard to diagnose without seeing network traffic.

For example, Telecom in Germany, they screw up routing from it’s users to Twitch quite often.

Videos/streams may load fine but chat will just keep disconnecting. So it’s an ISP or peering issue. Not a Twitch issue.

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It’s Twitch Issue. Chat shouldn’t be needing to keep constantly reconnecting when everything else is fine and stable.

As previously mentioned, you can’t compare a chat connection to stream quality, or just assume that because you have a fast connection that it equates to a stable connection. So please, rather than just saying “It’s a Twitch Issue” perhaps you should try to get a greater understanding of the basics, and monitor your network/connection traffic to see what your specific issue is rather than just complaining as no one can help the issue you have without further information.

You need better understanding the basics of network and connection traffic that this API issue. Stop pretending there’s nothing wrong with the API and how it works. You seem to be on the idea that the API is perfect, that it’s infallible, well I got news for you buddy, it is fallible, and it’s not perfect. There are issues with the Twitch API, it’s not bug free. The API only works as good as the one who made it, and I can tell the one who developed the API isn’t very good at it. It’s not well optimized, it’s not efficient, it’s poorly coded.

No one is saying there are not issues. We’re just saying that based on everything you have said, and the information (or lack there of) that you have provided does not indicate any specific issue with Twitch. Furthermore you’ve also shown a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of network connections which could lead you to misunderstand what the underlying issue may be.

If you wish to create a support ticket you can contact Twitch through and if you think there are changes that can be made to improve the API then feel free to submit your suggestions to

the information (or lack there of) that you have provided does not indicate any specific issue with Twitch.

Coming from a third-rate developer who in my eyes not really a developer, you challenge the information that’s already provided that’s valid enough, it’s been made specific enough to the issue that’s being had, if there were perhaps error codes to go with the report then there would be. Not only am I having the issue here, so have others too who have commented in this thread.

If you wish to create a support ticket you can contact Twitch through and if you think there are changes that can be made to improve the API then feel free to submit your suggestions to

Well you know what? Maybe I will, because clearly making a post here isn’t enough apparently. I’ll pass along what information I have to an actual developer who knows what to maybe look at.


You mean like in the actual logs of your connection, like previously asked for that you haven’t provided?

Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Thread closed, there is no need to be throwing insults about.

Video traffic is different to chat traffic.

And an ISP will treat those independently with it’s own throttling rules as already covered.

Quite often, in recent times, Telecom in Germany, causes video to stop working but chat is fine. So for you the opposite is true.

It’s a ISP problem or a problem with your network