Recovering Stream IDs?

Hello :wave: I am attempting to access information about past broadcasts, and the stream id is the most vital piece of information that I need. I know you can retrieve the stream id of videos that exist on a channel, but what about for those that have been recently deleted?

It appears I can still find the day, time, and length of the stream, so I find it hard to believe that the stream ids for past broadcasts are not stored anywhere. If anyone knows a way to access this information through Twitch API, please let me know!

If a video has been deleted then it’s not something you should be attempting to access.

Hi Dist,
This is in reference to archived VODs that have expired, rather than videos purposefully deleted by a user. I am not trying to recover a deleted video, just trying to locate its stream ID.

Doesn’t matter if it’s deleted by the channel, or by Twitch due to it expiring, once that happens it wont show in Get Videos so you have no legitimate way to retrieve that data.

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