Redirect URL without a website

My iOS app uses the ‘OAuth implicit code flow’ to authenticate users. Part of the authentication process requires that I enter my website URL to redirect users once they’ve logged into Twitch. Since I don’t have my own website, can I use any random website as a redirect url (for example and scrape off the access token returned in the URL? If not, what are my alternatives to do this process without my own website. Thank you.

Not advised as then you’d potentially leak the URL to that random website…
It should be a page that you control.

Otherwise http://localhost/ should do the trick.

I thought http://localhost/ was for testing locally. So if I decide to publish my app to the AppStore, when users log in with their twitch accounts, will they be redirected back to my app using http://localhost/?

Nope thats also a valid location.

If for example you give the user a program.
And that program creates a server on port :80

Sounds feasible!

Thank you for clarifying!

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