Redirecting to my app after I have logged in from Twitch andorid app


I am creating an android app where I am using twitch to login a user. When I don’t have twitch app installed I am opening a web view to load the URL for user to give permission. And if the user gives permission I am redirected to a URL with access token.

But when I have twitch app installed in my device I am opening the twitch app to login the user but after the user successfully logs in I want to be able to go back to my app and receive the access token. How can I achieve that?


You should be able to open your application with some metadata by using a custom protocol handler (such as my-android-app://some-url). See the Android docs for app links.

In practice this means you’ll have a return url such as my-android-app://callback/?token=<TOKEN>. As you’ll have set up your app to handle the my-android-app protocol it should automatically be opened. You can then get the token from the URI.

So are you saying that this URL `my-android-app://callback/?token= will be opened when I successfully give permission from twitch android app? And then I can use deep linking to open a specific activity in my own app?

Yes - I the past OAuth apps I’ve been using I was able to specify a custom callback URL, and that can indeed by a deeplink.

I am using this guide for opening Twitch app and then open the login screen

But when the user successfully logs in the permissions screen doesn’t open.

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