Reducing Global Badge Filesizes by ~20% Each

I’ve noticed that the Staff, Admin, Turbo, GMod, Broadcaster, and typical Mod badges can all be reduced by around 120 bytes (roughly 20% of their size), with the exception being the GMod badge which can be reduced by 700 bytes (nearly half its current size). Obviously this would save total amount of data transferred network-wise, so maybe worth doing as the refactoring took 20 mins tops, but would this also benefit the user experience within the browser/app being these badges can have many instances constantly being loaded & unloaded?

None of the refactoring is hack-y (removing software made comments and unneeded whitespace, really) so the “new” SVGs wouldn’t break on any platforms they’re currently rendered on.

If this is something that makes sense then I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be done.

@Nemesis It would be nice if you described the changes, maybe in a diff?

@xangold all the SVGs were exported from Adobe Illustrator and never had the fat trimmed by SVGO, or similar tool. Here’s an example of the GMod badge done by hand as SVGO throws an error while trying to optimize it. Gzipped it’s 516 bytes (original is 1,587 bytes).

Though I reported 20% savings when I posted last night, using SVGO saves more than 50% on each badge (aside from GMod, of course). You can quickly see these results using this online SVGO tool

e: here’s a good resource explaining the exact issue

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