Refunding Bits in Extension

Hi devs,
newbie here
Was reading through the extension docs on Bits and while how get Bits is at least covered, I wonder if there is a method to refund bits back to the user(s) cancel the transaction…

Any help - greatly appreciated!


All transactions involving bits are final.

The transaction IS the movement/use of bits.

The following snippet is from

Q. Can my viewers get returns for Bits used in Extensions?

A. Per our policy, Twitch does not offer returns of Bits used in Extensions. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis - please contact Customer Support. Partners and Affiliates will have the same protections from Bits chargebacks as they do with Cheering in Chat.

@BarryCarlyon @dash
gotcha& thank you guys for your prompt replies!
One last thing if I may:
As a workaround, can I at least programmatically do CRUD operations on the Bits Product Catalog?
My extension idea is letting the Broadcaster(-s) to make a wish list and setting the number of bits per list item in her dashboard view, which would be populated in the panel view of her viewers.
I looked up the

But seems unable to find methods to do so.
I envision two main issues:
a) How to do CRUD on the bits product list
b) How to make (scope) such list particular to specific Broadcaster channel
Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Once again thank you for your time.

You don’t.

Each item has to be created as an Amazon ASIN. It doesn’t lend itself to be ramdomly making products on the fly.

If channel == somechannel { show products a/b/c }
if channel == anotherchannel { show products a/d/e }

I have a similar use case where I want the broadcaster to be able to set how many bits it takes to use a certain function of my extension.

Instead of just have a text field “enter desired amount here” (which also would’ve been my choice of how to handle it) I set up a few products with some typical bit amounts like 100, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 and the streamer can choose between those,

It’s a compromise, but works rather well.

Thank you once again @BarryCarlyon,
got it now.
@Hellcat thanks for taking time to lay down your solution, would go with it then!

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