Refunding Channel Points Error 403

Hello everyone.

So I created some Channel Point rewards and I can detect when they are redeemed. So what I want to do is refund them through code. This is because the viewer might refund something that’s on a cooldown in my game. So I have a test script that waits for someone to redeem a reward, grabs the id from there, and then after about 5 seconds sends a request to refund it. When I do, I get the error.

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden and the docs say Forbidden: The Custom Reward was created by a different client_id or Channel Points are not available for the broadcaster

So it says it was created by a different client, but I made the reward from the twitch website using my main account. The client id / access token also has been generated with my main account. I did notice this line at the start.

" Only redemptions for a reward created by the same client_id as attached to the access token can be updated."

So that’s my situation and now I’m wondering if I need to create and delete the rewards in code. That somehow my client id on the website is different from the client id I got when I generated my token. So that’s what I’ll be trying next.

Any information on this is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Rewards created on Twitch can only be managed on Twitch.

For an app to manage rewards/redemptions it has to be a reward that is created by that app using the Create Custom Rewards endpoint. Once your app has created a reward it will be able to manage redemptions, so for example if you wanted to refund a redemption you could Update Redemption Status of one of your rewards redemptions to CANCELED

That was the issue, I created the reward in code and now I’m able to refund. Thanks for the confirmation.

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