Regional Date Time


I am uncertain if this has been mentioned previously, so before i start to develop this idea some input from the community will help me decide if it’s a worthy investment.

The problem - Working out what time other streamers are awake and scheduled streaming time.

FIX 1- Develop a twitch widget that anyone can generate a regional clock to place on their profile ( this can be independently created on a separate website )

FIX 2 - Have twitch developers implement a timezone widget on profiles showing time difference and possible time your followed streamers will be active.

I understand this is just a small idea and probably useless but i just thought i would share and see where this goes, all comments and suggestions welcome.


Please use for suggestions.

Thank you!

Just add a bot command of !time then people can work out from that what the offset is.

Far too many people just straight to chat and never check the profile for schedule info.

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