Register Organization form filled out mid-may

We’ve got a game releasing out of Early Access (Terrorarium) at the end of July and have been trying to get our box art up.

To this end, we filled out the Register Organization form for Stitch Media back in mid-May to claim the game, but haven’t heard anything back. We submitted box art with the community submission form at the same time.

We’ve taken both actions again just now, but know it’s not supposed to take this long. Can anyone help us out and let us know if we’ve got a problem?


Can anyone help me with this?

My launch date is approaching. I’ve tried all avenues to get my box art showing up multiple times, and I can’t seem to connect with anyone who can help me.

Replying again since I launch in less than 1 week, and I still haven’t found a way to get any help with this! Still no luck registering my organization to claim my game, OR submitting my box art through the Community Form.

Terrorarium on Giant Bomb
Terrorarium on Twitch Directory
Terrorarium box art

@ConcreteEntree I saw you help CiscoGL with the same problem today. Can you please assist? Box art is more important the creating the org to claim the game at this point.


@stitch_media- Hi there! Apologies for that, thought I solved this one in Discord (there have been a few folks having these issues).

I see there’s an existing account, so please check with your coworkers and see if they can add you- right now you’re pending in the org for them to approve you, not us.

Sorry for the miscommunication there!

Lastly- I updated the boxart while you look to get this solved.

Awesome, thank you!

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