Registering a new app fails

Hello. I’m trying to register a new app and it fails with:

Invalid client name Please try again

The browser console shows, that a http 409 is returned by the api.

{"error":"Conflict","status":409,"message":"Invalid client name"}

I even tried some random string as client name, the result is the same. Any ideas?

You can’t create a client that uses Twtich in the name.

And rather than trying gibbiersh, use the name that matches what you intend to do with your Keys.

Names also need to be unique across everyone.


This ought to be included in the criteria on the page.

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:anger: :rage: JFC This ought to be included in the criteria on the page as well, or, you know, when I submit the form it produces some useful error message instead of doing nothing, causing me to click “im not a robot” 800 times and then “create” 800 more times before attempting to file a bug report :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: As soon as i entered name that was sure to be unique, instantly the entry was created :anger: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

There’s no need to bump a 2 year old thread. The issue has been reported

Also, if you had read the Getting Started docs, it does state:

  • Set Name to any name you’d like, it just needs to be unique amongst all Twitch applications.

So it is documented that an app name MUST be globally unique.