Rejecting users who have authorised an app

I’m working on an application which allows users to authenticate via Twitch, or Steam, then checks their account against a whitelist before granting access.

This works fine for whitelisted users, but if a user accidentally authorizes the app while on an alternate account, and is rejected by the whitelist check, clicking the oauth login link to try again will immediately reuse the same login details, and they must go to Twitch to log out before trying again.

While this isn’t a major problem (we can tell users to go and log out before trying again), Steam allows the user to change account after being sent to the oauth login page a second time.

Edit: Didn’t see it as I filtered by API, related to How to let a user “log out”

Why not just add a link to the page that says “You are not whitelisted to continue click here to logout of Twitch and Retry” and link to

That said, should also include notes about deauthing your application too…