Relationship with Twitch

I’ve been trying to publish an APP in Google Play but my APP has been deleted.
In order to appeal, they are asking for my relationship with Twitch:
As communicated earlier, we are unable to verify your relationship with Twitch. We are unable to proceed your appeal or reinstate your application if you are unable to provide authorization and/or distribution agreement between you and Twitch.
How can I obtain this information
Ty for your attention, Regards

What are you trying to do exactly with you app?

I have published an app that makes use of Twitch’s API just fine. As long as you don’t do obscure things I doubt Google will actively reject anything… (not to mention Google’s process is mostly automated)

Google could be tightening up now that YouTube Gaming has entered the playing field.

User just log in. i get the token and the app shows a preview of the stremings and the amount of viewers they have of the streamings that are live and the user is following. And that’s all.

Are you trying to use “Twitch” in the name of your app?

In the beggining i was but i modified it since i read on their terms of use that we aren’t allowed to use it.

I think the main problem is that I use the preview image Twitch provides in their API for live Streamers (i don’t cache it, just display it) and Google is thinking that i’m not allowed to use it.

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