Remote IRC Endpoint going silent?

So ive been having an issue for the last month or so where my irc bot will after a week or so of being connect to twitch will get stuck where it thinks still connected to twitch but isnt due to the server its connected to im assuming is restarting/going offline but its never receiving a RECONNECT message
the bot is receviving messages like CLEARCHAT, CLEARMSG, USERNOTICE, HOSTTARGET etc so its sending the CAP request for commands properly, it just never seems to get a RECONNECT

That would suggest you are also not receiving PING’s and not sending your own PING’s and likely got DC’ed but your code

So, you have PING/PONG timed out and need to reconnect to to a lost connection.

Twitch sends a PING and you need to reply to it with a PONG.

if you’ve not PING/PONG at least, say, once per minute, send your own PING to test the connection and if no PONG reconnect.

A Reconnect is a request for you to restart/reconnect to Twitch chat as the server(s) are restarting, which doesn’t happen very often (and won’t/shouldn’t of done over the last 4 days due to thanksgiving holiday)

Its staying connected for weeks at a time, in combination with the fact that i fixed a bug in the underlying irc library 2 weeks ago where it didnt respond to ping at all suggests that its responding to PING fine

Thats my point, and ive not seen a single reconnect message for over a month, where as i previously got them every week or 2

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