Remove game from Dashboard

Hello everyone!

I would like to remove a game from the developers dashboard so that another account can own it. Is this somehow possible? I don’t see any remove buttons, only “Export CSV Data” and “Edit Boxart”.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Assuming Twitch staff doesn’t get back to your sooner here…

Either give @twitchdev a poke (on Twitter) or you might have a more direct email to reach Twitch on?

That should get you sorted a little sooner than hanging on a forum thread!

Hi @superyvo, could you let us know which game you would like us to remove from your account? We can delete it on our end and then the other account can add the game in.

Hi @kristin,

thanks for your response but the other account already got in contact with the support to own the game. It got deleted with our permission and is now owned by the right account :slight_smile: Topic solved!

Thank you!

Wonderful to hear - thanks for the update @superyvo. If you have any questions or feedback on the CSV report, please let us know in this forum!